Our Clients:

Residential Pipe Repair

We have repaired thousands of pipes for homes throughout the Western United States. Save money, time, and your home's landscape!

Commercial Pipe Repair

We have repaired hundreds of pipes for restaurants, movie theaters, and shops throughout the Western United States. Stay open for business during repairs!

Industrial Pipe Repair

We have repaired large and small pipes for oil refineries, food processing plants, and wineries throughout the Western United States!


This detailed video gives you information about our trenchless technology versus the other companies who claim to be trenchless. At Pipe Tech USA, we use only the highest quality material with an efficient pipe coating process to match. This video explains our pipe coating method compared to other guys who use "pipe bursting", a method which requires digging at each pipe intersection. We repair pipes without digging!

The Pipe Coater is the best pipe coating trenchless technology design in the market. The most maneuverable and longest distance internal pipe coating system available! The Pipe Coater can even maneuver through 90 degree bends and repair any sized pipe from 12 inches to a new industry record of 2 inches! This trenchless device was invented in 2014 by Pipe Tech USA. Save time, money, and your property's structure or landscape!

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